• Continuing God's Mission

    Grants from Property Legacies made by Waterloo Presbytery Congregations

  • Congregational Legacies

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    Eden Mills Fund

    For Innovative Ministries in the Guelph area.

    Grants available in 2019

    still being decided.


    Olivet Fund

    For the ministries of Calvary Memorial and

    St. James-Rosemount

    United Churches

    This Fund has been allocated for

    the next 8 years.

    Paisley Fund

    For the Ecumenical Campus Ministry (University of Guelph)

    Find about this wonderful ministry here: www.ecmguelph.org

    Grace Roseville Fund

    For programs serving Children, Youth,

    Young Adults and

    Student Ministers

    Grants available in 2019

    still being decided.

  • Apply for a Grant


    We are not accepting applications at this time.


    The investment funds we draw from for our grants
    performed poorly in 2018. So we are unable to make any grants this year.

    We're sorry about this.

    We'll continue to monitor our funds, and will resume making grants
    as soon as enough money is available.

  • Mission Legacy Committee

    What We Do

    The Mandate of the Mission Legacy Committee

    The Mission Legacy Committee decides about grants from congregational property legacies which had been transferred to the care of Waterloo Presbytery. This allows disbanded congregations to continue to share their gifts through God’s ongoing mission in our area.


    Waterloo Presbytery was a district of the United Church of Canada, which included the cities of Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, nearby towns and rural areas. In January 2019, the presbytery was absorbed into the new Western Ontario Waterways region. Our Mission Legacy Committee is now within that region's care and oversight.


    The Mission Legacy Committee's work is governed by the Waterloo Presbytery Property Legacy Handbook and the Mission Legacy Committee Mandate.

    Who We Are

    Committee Members

    The Mission Legacy Committee's members are . . .


    Kristin Brodhaecker: formerly a member at Grace Roseville UC

    Scott McGaire: a member of Westminster UC (Waterloo)

    Dave Potje: formerly a member at Olivet UC

    Greg Smith-Young (chair): a minister with Elora and Bethany UCs


    There are spots for 3 more people. Interested? Please contact us.


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  • Eden Mills Fund

    For Innovative Ministries in the Guelph Area

    Grant Description

    This grant is to help enable new ideas for carrying out the church’s mission. We value experimentation, because we learn by trying new things and reflecting on the experience. It will be rooted into the community that will be served.

    Grants of up to $2500 are available.

    Grant Criteria

    • The ministry idea will be entirely new, or new to the Guelph area.
    • It will have clearly and thoughtfully developed reasons for doing it, plans for how it is to be done, and measures for assessing its success.

    • It will be expressive of the mission of the United Church of Canada: to celebrate God’s presence, live respect in Creation, love and serve others, seek justice and resist evil, proclaim the Jesus —crucified and risen— as our judge and our hope.

    • The Guelph area includes the city of Guelph as well as the townships of Guelph-Eramosa and Puslinch.

    • Available to communities of faith of the United Church of Canada, or organizations that are in a relationship of accountability with the United Church, through its General Council or one of its conferences or presbyteries.

    Eden Mills United Church

    Nestled among the trees in the small hamlet of Eden Mills, the congregation served its community from 1861 until it closed in 2014. The mission of Paisley Memorial United Church was to be a loving community modelling the teachings of Jesus Christ and to create a caring fellowship through worship, study, service and celebration, so that every person is ministered to and every member is involved in ministry

  • Olivet Fund

    To Support the Ministries of

    St. James-Rosemount and Calvary Memorial United Churches

    in Kitchener.

    Grant Description

    This Fund has been designated for the specific purpose of supporting St. James-Rosemount and Calvary Memorial United Churches. No other grants will be made from it for at least 8 years (2027).

    Olivet United Church

    Olivet served its community from it's building location on Onward Avenue in Kitchener.

    Originally part of the Evangelical United Brethren Church,

    Olivet grew out of the ministry of Zion EUB church.

    In 1968 Olivet became part of the United Church of Canada, along with other EUB churches.

    It closed in 2015, with many of its members joining

    Calvary Memorial and St. James-Rosemount United Churches.

    The church building is now the home of Rockway Mennonite Church.

  • Paisley Fund

    For Fresh Expressions of Ministry

    Grant Description

    Fresh Expressions are new forms of church that emerge within contemporary culture

    and engage primarily with those who don’t ‘go to church.


    You can find out more on the website of Fresh Expressions Canada.

    Grants of up to $2500 are available.

    Grant Criteria

    At its core, a Fresh Expression is:

    Missional – Joining God’s mission by going to those not currently served by any church


    Contextual – Grounded in the language and culture of the people in and for their particular context


    Formational – Focused on discipling people in the way of Jesus


    Ecclesial – Forming local, tangible Christian communities that areable to step out as church in their own right


    Grants will reflect those values and characteristics.

    Paisley Memorial United Church

    The Paisley building was built in 1907 on Margaret Street in Guelph. A fire had destroyed its former home on Paisley Street. So when the congregation rebuilt, it retained Paisley in its name.

    The sanctuary features beautiful stained glass windows by Guelph artist Gordon Couling.

    The congregation closed in 2012. The building is now the home of River of Life International Fellowship.

  • Grace Roseville Fund

    For programs serving Children, Youth, Young Adults and Student Ministers

    Grant Description

    Information will be added when it is developed. In them meantime, we are accepting applications.

    Grants of up to $10,000 are available.

    Grant Criteria

    • Information about specific criteria will be added once it is developed. In the meantime we are accepting applications. If you have questions please contact the Mission Legacy Committee.

    Grace Roseville United Church

    Grace United Church was located on Roseville Road, near Ayr.

    The congregation closed in 2015.